The Secrets to Dominating in Your Sport – Execution

Why athletes who excel, anticipate and execute the best decisions with the greatest speed.?

Make the Best Decisions
The biggest difference between performing poorly and being the best athlete is simply making the best decisions. This allows you to control the play and your opponents. The best athletes dominate the competition whenever there are moments that are pivotal to winning outcomes – it’s everything or nothing. When you watch highlights of competitions closely, you’ll notice that top athletes players have the ability to make crucial decisions when it matters the most.

Anticipate The Best Decisions
The best decisions always come from those who are able to anticipate optimal solutions in any situation. This is very important. In the crucial gameplay moments we just discussed, you’ll also notice that great athletes always seem to expect an opportunity to arise, regardless of how surprising the situation may seem to other players.
It’s not knowing what to expect which amplifies the pressure when it happens. This negatively impacts attention and concentration, ultimately leading to decision-making errors. Everything needs to start with a proper mental clarity – when you can anticipate well, your mind will be less distracted and more sharply focused on what it takes to achieve success.

Execute Faster in Competition
It’s not just about how you act, but also the timing of when you act. If you think of athletes that you are most inspired by, then the chances are they are also extremely fast in their ability to execute plays and in their reaction times. This is because they have worked extremely hard developing speed of execution. To execute faster, it’s essential to process information more rapidly, in order to be able to choose the best option almost instantly.
When everything is decided the pressure is higher, that’s when you need to process, prioritize, and execute your chosen option. As such it’s important to always strive to make plays rapidly, especially in critical moments when it makes all the difference. The context of competition needs a higher level of attention, because pressure is always a threat of distraction, ready to block your performance.